18 Day Fall Ayurvedic Cleanse

Our annual Fall detox is time is upon us. We begin during the auspicious Navratri festival which marks the transition time of the year into the darker, cooler days of Winter. This festival and cleanse both offers the opportunity for release and renewal. 

Following the wisdom of Ayurveda, our Fall Detox & Evolve program offers internal, external and physical cleansing to maintain good health and vitality.  Excess heat, inflammation, irritation or toxicity that accumulates in the Summer is best cleansed from the body in early Fall to alleviate and reset the body to be strong and energized for the Winter season. 

This year’s Detox and Evolve Fall Cleanse offers two tracks you may choose from;

  • the Basic for beginners and those interested in a standard protocol, or the
  • Advanced for those experienced individuals looking for that little extra! 

A newly added special offer allows you to add a one on one consultation with a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner comprised of a 45-minute check-in and support before, during or immediately after the program for an additional cost.  This summer was the hottest on record so as we transition through fall we are looking to release any remaining heat along with removing toxins from our bodies to prevent further accumulation over winter.

 Allow these next 18-days to be a dedication to self-care and life affirmation practices. From cleaning out your closets and potting plants to listing your spring goals; dedicate this time to completely fertilize the soil of self-healing and purposeful living. 

Goals of the Program:

  • Remove Ama (toxins) from the body and mind 
  • Build and strengthen Agni (internal biological fire) and digestive strength + vigor 
  • Nourish our nervous system 
  • Take contemplative time to take care of yourself inside out 
  • Strengthen organs, mind and tissues thereby building ojas (vitality)

Program Overview:

  • Website resource center to support you daily
  • Morning emails to inspire each day 
  • Private Facebook page to bring our community together in support, story, and sharing
  • Instructional videos for ayurveda, yoga and more 
  • Daily planners and check list 
  • Booklets with recipes, yoga practices, ayurvedic routines and more 



Are you ready to make sustainable change and begin your Detox journey?

Register here for the 18 Day Detox + Evolve Program and receive all your preparation materials!